Había otra vez. Historias de siempre vueltas a contar


Nidos para la lectura
Sergio Andricaín

Ed. Alfaguara infantil

2013 Bogotá

Sergio Andricaín has collected in this book beautiful tales from European folklore and he delivers it to us with the usual beauty of his words , reminding those traditional books with which many of us began to read and that have inspired me to do the illustrations. It has been a very exciting process in which I had the joy to participate in the company of a fantastic team.

Story Los gansos ladrones Full page

Story La remolacha gigante Full page

Story La remolacha gigante Spot

Story Los duendes zapateros Full page

Story Los duendes zapaterosSpot

Story Jorinda y Joringel Full page

Story Jorinda y JoringelSpot

Story La viejecita y el chivoFull page

Story El príncipe MazapánFull page

Story El príncipe MazapánSpot

Story El rey BarbaespantosaFull page

Story El rey BarbaespantosaSpot

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