Sobreviviente (Survivor) - The digestive game

2004 Barcelona

To survive in a jungle, is important to know how to manage our food resources and to be familiar with our physical capabilities. The main character of this game has escaped from his captors and must stay alive until his rescue. The player will help him to avoid the dangers of the jungle and must feed him in the best way possible.


Main character

Food panel

Taste buds

Digestive panel

Digestive panel - Mouth

"Analyze the taste bud"

In Boca Grande Lagoon

Challenge 1: collecting objects for the journey

Challenge 3: collecting gems

Meanwhile lunchtime passes ...

Starting Challenge 2

The game objective, is that kids get fun while they learn to design a balanced diet, taking into account the food products produced at their location and reinforce their knowledge of the digestive system
With the proper advice of professionals in health, nutrition and teaching, and a complete database of food products, so the game can be adapted to any geographic area, this model of interaction can become into a useful tool for schools, food safety programs and the promotion of consumption of local products.

Work degree - Master in Digital Arts 2003 – 2004. IDEC - Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Directed by Elena Fuenmayor, Stelios Kourakis and Xavier Berenguer.

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