Escherichia en mi vecino

2002 Bogotá

In the neighbor from upstairs, right next to the appendix, at the beginning of his large intestine, lived for some time a large and happy E.coli family. They did well there until the tremendous calamities recounted in this board book, force them to packed quickly and evacuate with other thousands of displaced. The last I heard from them, is that their ship worked properly and have been seen on the way to the Caribbean.

The great E.coli family in the cecum

Collecting supplies

Chatting with neurons

Meeting with Hymenolepis nana

The lonely Taenia

Blood cells in helicopter

Meeting in the medulla oblongata

Ship to go to sea

Amylase, trypsin and lipase

A motor in the aorta

Playing in the larynx

Rectum runway



Nasal fossa

Map of my neighbor

The human body is a colorful and viscous landscape, where dramas and joys occur, and where millions of different microbial species live, all them with dreams, duties and needs. The body in question belongs to my vicious neighbor. Inside his intestines, an E. coli family, consisting of 39´220.003 individuals according to their latest census, have to make face the ravages of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. To save their home from the devastating vices of this man, ten brave E.coli undertake into a journey full of adventure and weird bugs to the brain, introducing the reader to the prevention of drug addiction and the knowledge of human body, highlighting issues such as teamwork, the benefits of family togetherness and environmental responsibility.

TechniqueAcrylic on paperSize80 x 40 cms
Work degree in graphic desing, 2002. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Directed by Esperanza Vallejo and advised by Edgar Tito Rodríguez (Ródez)

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